About me

background & motivation


Greece is well known for its contribution to Western civilization but also as a popular holiday destination. Every year, millions of people visit our reputedly controversial country for culture and leisure.

Language, culture & history

This gave me the inspiration to pass on my native knowledge of the Greek language, culture and history to people who are interested.

Kosmás Navrouzoglou Born and raised in Greece, Greek is therefore my mother tongue and I, by nature, have a very good understanding of the Greek culture.

My students range in backgrounds, ages, nationalities and goals. I have experience working with children and adults, both in a private setting, in-company and also at schools.

Further to that, I have an MSc degree from the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom. This is where I developed the skills and interest in teaching others.

Not only did it give me an excellent command of the English language, but my perspective on the world and its diverse people and cultures were strongly broadened.

My students have claimed, the lessons I give are motivating, thorough, successful and adjusted to the individual requirements and needs of the student.

I recognise everyone has their own learning style and time frame to achieve their language goals.

For this reason I offer flexible tailored courses to individuals, groups and families.

Kosmas Navrouzoglou